An Open Letter To Richard Weiner (AKA White Fang)
(too old to reply)
2014-01-25 04:28:57 UTC
Along with most of the subscribers to Odds and Sods, I have read, with
interest, your recent series of correspondence with Misters Astley and
I would like to preface my comments by stating that you are, without a
doubt, the most knowledgeable person on this list, regarding the recorded
history of The Who. In fact, if there is a more knowledgeable person in the
world on the subject, I would like to meet him.
Not only are you extremely knowledgeable on this subject, you have always
been extremely generious in sharing your knowledge with others. For that, I
believe that it is safe to state that the subscribers to Odds and Sods, both
past and present, are extremely grateful to you and are, and will remain, in
your debt.
That being said Richard, you significantly undercut the esteem you are held,
by your churlish treatment of others, not only on list, but in your other
avenues of public and private expression.
What sort of response Richard do you expect from people that you publically
call "Ass-ley" and "Charlesworthless?" I am frankly surprised that Mr.
Charlesworth even bothered to respond to your correspondence with any form
of civility. Frankly, whatever questions one might have with his
scholarship of the liner notes for the reissue series (which, by the way I
believe his response concerning the Odds and Sods reissue was well taken),
his attempt to treat you like a rational human being does deserve some
(Yes, I know that you gave him a week to advise you that it was not
acceptable to post your series of corrrespondence public, and Mr.
Charlesworth chose not to respond until well after the fact, but that is
another issue.)
If it was just a matter of your relationship with Misters Astley and
Charlsworth, I might just chalk it up as being a result of two years of
frustration on your end, to correct what you precieve (and I do not disagree
with you on this point) as being the slovenly manner in which the reissue
series was handled.
However, this is not an isolated incident. One only needs to read your
postings on this list, or on alt.music.who to see that you treat everyone
whom, for whatever reason, you dislike, in the same patronizing and frankly
childish manner that you have attempted to deal with Misters Astley and
What makes the issue of your denigrating others based upon their name or
their physical attributes all the more troublesome, is that you have as much
admitted being the victim of simular treatment. I am sure that your last
name was the subject of a great deal of teasing when you were a child, as it
still apparently is. Clearly the old saw about victims being the worst sort
of opressors applies in your case.
Further, I am personally embarassed that you dragged Odds and Sods (the
list, not the recording) into your vituperation. While I recgonize that
this list was designed (and should always remain) as a libertarian forum,
inciting less rational list members with your invective naturally resulted
in these members posting a number of simular messages, which, it appears,
that you were only too happy to forward to Misters Astley and Charlsworth,
unedited or perhaps more properly, unsanitized.
Are you familiar with the fate of Maximilien Robespierre, the man who put
the word "terror" during the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?
After executing some 17,000 people (85% of whom by the way were commoners),
Robespierre himself ended up under the guillotine. The rabble that you are
rousing could just as soon turn on you too, Richard.
Do you act in this manner in your "off-line" life? Do you say these things
to your employer or to the customers of whatever business you work in? If
so, I am surprised that you still are employed.
What was once cute and even funny, Richard, over the last several months has
deteriorated. Do you know what the word "psychopath" means? It is a person
having a personality disorder, espicially one manifested in aggressively
antisocial behavior. Go to the mirror, Richard, for that is what you have
Do me a favor, Richard. If you don't believe me, go to the local video
store tonight, and rent a Robert DeNiro movie from a year or two ago called,
"The Fan." (Or, if you are so disposed, go read the novel of the same
name.) The DeNiro character acted just like you are.
It would not shock me, Richard, if you continue on this path that someone is
compelled to turn you in to the F.B.I. or Scotland Yard, for making threats
on these people, or slap you with an injunction and/or a cease and desist
Please, please, Richard, go get some professional help--NOW! I sincerely
want to see you get well. If you don't get help, I am concerned that you
will either attempt to physically harm Misters Astley and Charlsworth (or
for that matter, Roger, Pete and John), if you do not get your way, an event
that is more likely than not to occur, given your treatment of the "decision
makers" (and their envoys).
B.W. Radley
2014-01-29 10:04:25 UTC
Sadly for Richard, nothing much has changed in 15 years. He still has the same attitude. I had to block him on Usenet in 1998 because I'd grown tired of his antics. Thought maybe he'd grown up when he friend-requested me on Facebook a couple of years ago. After several attacks on friends of mine, plus a frankly bizarre email in which he claimed that his goal was not to attack but to "educate", I had to block him again.

I wait for the inevitable posting from him in which he will attack my family, my profession, in fact my very way of life. It's his MO. He can't help himself.
2014-01-29 10:20:56 UTC
BTW, here are Rich's own words. Let's see him try to deny them. I tried to tell him how utterly pretentious and judgmental he was being, but being the King of all he surveys, he's right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Sorry Rich, however much money you have can't possibly make these words ring any less false:

Hi Mike, I am aware that many if your friends are extremely dumb and have no sense of humor.
Think about it - why should *anyone* care? Harmless banter.
You should be less concerned what "other" people think and more concerned with preserving your uniqueness.
Sheep aren't people and people shouldn't act like sheep.
If they "don't get it" - question their capacity to "learn" vs mine to "educate" ?
What kind of people do you know that have no sense of humor and are this intolerant?
Shame on them and you for being so "my friends said" like.
2014-02-01 01:14:48 UTC
A decade and a half later and you are all still on about this? Pathetic.