Pete's Post of November 7th
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Ted M
2012-11-08 02:43:33 UTC
Can someone post Pete's comments from tonight? For some reason I can't read it on thewho.com. It's telling me I need to sign up to become a member, but I thought I already was a member. What the hell?


2012-11-08 19:11:09 UTC
November 8, 2012
Pete Townshend – Tour Diary 7th November, 2012

Great to be in the USA on election day. I would have been happy for either candidate to win. There are pros and cons. The only longing I have is for the President to work more closely with the UK than he appears to have done before. As unpopular as they ended up with the deep thinkers, George W Bush and Tony Blair were friends, and that – to me – exemplified what I feel is most important about the relationship between the UK and the USA. We are above all else friends. Friendship is not ‘special’ (as in the ‘special relationship’), it is normal, and accepting…

And so the Who tour kicked off in the teeth of a hurricane, and our immediate duty to our millions of fans in the NorthEast is to promise that we will hopefully do more than just offer our prayers. While we’re here we’ll try to do something practical, as I am certain will all of our rock and pop buddies. Watch this space.

The shows so far? I’m doing great. The stage level is very quiet, and that suits me. I want to hang on to my hearing, which is still good enough to mix music like I did for the Quadrophenia Director’s Cut, and to cut my own demos at home. Roger is singing incredibly well. His vision is an interpretation of Quadrophenia rather than a straight narrative, and that seems to suit the period we are in as the two surviving members of the old Who, and our age. It FEELS great to me (I can’t see the screens behind me and I haven’t been able to see the entire set of projections because I was working right up until rehearsals) and that is the best measure for me. Roger and his creative team have clearly done a great job.

The audiences so far have been wonderful, and the shows promise to continue to improve. It’s great to see some old faces, but as always I’m glad to see a few younger people in the crowd, and I hope they haven’t been dragged along to check us out by nagging parents (or grandparents!).

Thanks to all of you who have bought my book.

Pete Townshend November 7th, 2012

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Ted M
2012-11-09 01:55:42 UTC
Thanks Doc. I was finally able to read it on the website, but thanks anyway!


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